Film emulation with Color Response Curves [Lightroom Camera Profiles] - Starter edition

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My new film emulation Camera Profiles are the building blocks you were looking for.

Do you know how sometimes Lightroom presets can feel like they're locking you in, not letting you tweak things just the way you want? Well, these profiles are different. They're more like a friendly nudge in the right direction, a first step to help you build the look you are going for with ease and accuracy, helping you emulate the colors of certain film stocks without getting in the way of your creativity.

Color response curves map out how the different color layers of film react to light, giving each film stock its unique look. I painstakingly recreated these curves from the film emulations inside Davinci Resolved and baked them into easy-to-use Lightroom Camera profiles so you can use them, to give your photos the film vibes while allowing you to use all the sliders inside LR to tweak your images to your liking. It's basically like picking a film stock after you have already taken the photo and you also have the power to influence the rest of the film properties afterwards.

They're not magic, but man, they sure make editing feel like a breeze.

I am actively working on an ARTICLE article and VIDEO that will explain what these are and how to use them.

Porta 400

Porta 800

Kodak 2383 D60

Cinestill 800T

Kodak Gold 200


Copy the .xmp files to the specific folder:

Windows: C:Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings

macOS: User Library>Application Support>Adobe>CameraRaw> Settings

It will also work if you create a subfolder in the settings folder so you won't mix them with the other presets

List of supported cameras:


Please take note that these are custom response curves saved as camera profiles and not a 1 click preset. They are great building blocks that will help you get nostalgic film emulations with amazing colors but you will still have to do your basic adjustments to bring the best out of your photos.

They are not a 1 click preset

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6 Lightroom camera profiles to emulate film photography based on color response curves

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Film emulation with Color Response Curves [Lightroom Camera Profiles] - Starter edition

0 ratings
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